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The Humanist Service Corps program (HSC) is paving the way for international service based on humanist values. Volunteers and FBB staff form a team that works with grassroots organizations to solve problems in an effective and culturally responsible way. After successfully working for several years to reintegrate exiled women accused of witchcraft in the Northern Region of Ghana, we are now entering the next phase of the program.


In the current program year, your generous gift will help fund the following HSC costs:


Future Planning: Program staff will research needs in Cape Coast and explore possible local partners. 2019-2020 volunteers will help evaluate and determine the best possible partner organization(s), program location, and project initiatives in Cape Coast, working toward:

  • improving living conditions for Ghanaians
  • providing greater access to healthcare, education, and stable incomes
  • empowering youth to become effective human rights advocates
  • helping to stop the practice of sending people to prayer camps for exorcism healings of physical and mental illnesses
  • helping victims of gender based violence and sensitization
  • reintegration and averting the widespread of street children


Data Collection and Evaluation: Program data from the past 2.5 years of work in Northern Ghana will continue to be collected and analyzed to determine the most successful elements of the program as well as areas to be improved, including locations, partner organizations, special projects, and more.


Your generous gift incurs a processing fee of approximately 3.6%; this includes credit card fees, bank fees, and other processing costs. Please consider contributing an extra 3.6% to cover these costs, so that 100% of your intended gift can be used to directly support the Service Corps program. Please note: your total transaction amount is tax deductible
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