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How will volunteers get to the impacted area(s)?

At this time, volunteers must provide their own transportation. Carpooling is available from the volunteer housing location to the work site. FBB or All Hands and Hearts may have resources during some deployments to supplement travel for those who need assistance, but it is not guaranteed to be available.

What costs are and are not covered by FBB during deployment?

Volunteers will not have to pay for their accommodations, breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks at the worksite, work vests, and equipment at the work site. These items are covered by either FBB or All Hands and Hearts.

All Hands and Hearts does not provide food on rest days, but this may be provided by FBB depending on our resources for each particular deployment.

Each individual will need to pay for their travel to the housing location from their home and dinner each evening, unless these items are able to be supplemented by FBB or All Hands and Hearts.

Which volunteers will be selected for deployment after a disaster?

FBB staff reviews all applications upon submission and divides applicants by region. Volunteers are chosen based upon proximity and availability, although some with specialized skills may be asked to travel despite their proximity to a disaster. Although “proximity” will often rely on previously defined FEMA regions, it will remain a relative term, defined by the scope of the disaster, and need for additional volunteers.

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