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How should HDR volunteers apply humanist values in their interaction with survivors?

Each volunteer will receive training on how to think like a humanist when they are working alongside survivors. In this training, it is emphasized that volunteers understand that the experience belongs to the survivor, and that the volunteer can best understand the needs of the survivor by listening to them, taking them seriously, and being the extra hands they need to complete the list of tasks before them.

When will volunteers receive their training?

At this time, volunteers will not receive training until it is confirmed they will be a part of a deployment. This will ensure that each person has conducted their trainings recently and are immediately prepared to participate. It will also allow for each individual to receive the most up to date revision of the training, as trainings will be consistently updated.  FEMA and government rules and regulations change over time and the HDR program continues to develop.

Upon acceptance to participate in the deployment, volunteers will receive their training documents  and will also receive an on-site orientation and review of their training on the first day of deployment.

What is the difference between “response” and “recovery”?

Response consists of actions taken when a hazard is imminent, occurring, or just occurred in an effort to save lives, property, and the environment. Actions include evacuating, taking shelter, securing food and water, search and rescue, addressing medical needs, and emergency debris removal to clear paths for aid. The length of time a community is considered to be in response varies greatly depending on the disaster. For example, the response period for a tornado typically lasts about three days whereas the response phase for a drought could last for many years.

Recovery consists of actions taken after the life-saving actions of the response phase have been completed. Restoration, rebuilding, and reshaping actions take place at this time. The recovery phase for very large disasters can stretch on for many years.

FBB’s Humanist Disaster Recovery program will only be involved in the recovery phase after a disaster.

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