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What kind of organizations does FBB partner with to organize deployments?

Because there are no current national humanist recovery organizations, we have developed a primary partnership with All Hands and Heart: Smart Response (previously All Hands), a highly-qualified disaster recovery organization with over 12 years of experience. All Hands and Hearts works in the United States as well as overseas, organizing volunteer sites in several different areas at a time.

Why does FBB need a partner organization?

At this time, FBB does not have the funding, expertise, or resources to navigate a community impacted by disaster without assistance. All Hands and Hearts has years of experience, significant funding, and established relationships with the broader disaster recovery community.

FBB plans to develop our abilities to perform these functions over time.

How will volunteers get to the impacted area(s)?

At this time, volunteers must provide their own transportation. Carpooling is available from the volunteer housing location to the work site. FBB or All Hands and Hearts may have resources during some deployments to supplement travel for those who need assistance, but it is not guaranteed to be available.

What costs are and are not covered by FBB during deployment?

Volunteers will not have to pay for their accommodations, breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks at the worksite, work vests, and equipment at the work site. These items are covered by either FBB or All Hands and Hearts.

All Hands and Hearts does not provide food on rest days, but this may be provided by FBB depending on our resources for each particular deployment.

Each individual will need to pay for their travel to the housing location from their home and dinner each evening, unless these items are able to be supplemented by FBB or All Hands and Hearts.

When will volunteers deploy after a disaster?

It is critical that volunteers do not deploy before the volunteer coordinating systems are in place in the impacted area (e.g., accommodations and organizations to feed volunteers). Spontaneous volunteers that show up in impacted areas before these systems are in place are a major hindrance to first responders and other organizations working to meet the immediate needs of survivors. FBB will not deploy volunteers until after All Hands and Hearts gives us a confirmation of deployment, which can one to several weeks after a disaster has occurred. All disaster volunteers affiliated with FBB’s deployment must wait until they have confirmation that the volunteer system is prepared to receive them before deploying.

How does FBB determine which disasters are good candidates for a volunteer deployment?

FBB staff considers the following factors when determining if it is appropriate for to mobilize volunteers:

  • Location - Currently FBB only deploys to disasters within the United States in order to maximize the available resources.

  • Size and scope - Media saturation can distort the scope of an event, either making the event seem bigger or smaller than it is. FBB staff work to gain an accurate portrayal of the event by monitoring reports from residents, local government officials, and volunteer organizations already on the ground.

  • Amount and type of unmet needs - Sometimes an event may require a big response but require minimal recovery. For example, winter storms typically have a long response period but often don’t require outside recovery assistance. FBB will only deploy to a location when local governments and local voluntary organizations express the need for outside volunteers during the recovery period.

  • Involvement of partner organizations - FBB will only deploy to a disaster if All Hands and Hearts or one of our other pre-vetted secular partner organizations is on the ground and has established the capacity to host our volunteers.

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