International Human Rights Month 2018

December is International Human Rights month, celebrating the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations in 1948. The document states fundamental freedoms all humans are entitled to including freedom from discrimination based on race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.…

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BBN April Team of the Month: Humanist Alliance Philippines, International

Congratulations to Beyond Belief Network’s April’s Team of the Month: Humanist Alliance Philippines, International! This Level 2 team is BBN’s only international team. They were chosen for this honor because of their strong commitment to their community illustrated by their youth literacy and nutrition programs. HAPI was previously honored as May 2015’s Picture of the…

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August Team of the Month: Humanist Alliance Philippines, International

Congratulations to Beyond Belief Network’s August Team of the Month: Humanist Alliance Philippines, International! This Level 3 team is Beyond Belief Network’s only international team. HAPI was chosen for this honor because of their regular service event schedule, strong spirit of volunteerism and commitment towards improving their community. HAPI was previously chosen as our May…

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Humanist Alliance Philippines, International

Founded on December 25, 2013 and launched on the first day of 2014, Humanist Alliance Philippines, International (HAPI) is a not-for-profit community of progressive secular humanists from all over the world, united with common goals for the greater good of humanity. We work on an international basis but with a primary focus in the Philippines…

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50 Cents. Period – From Small Stones to International Change

50 Cents. Period., the current Foundation Beyond Belief Poverty and Health beneficiary, runs multiple programs from Nepal to Liberia to Atlanta, all with the focus on empowering women and girls through education and advocacy of underserved communities. FBB is featuring 50 Cents. Period. at an integral part in their journey. Some of the projects that…

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Roots & Wings International

Roots & Wings International creates educational opportunities to promote development as defined by local communities. Their work is rooted in recognizing the importance of culturally responsive education that empowers students to connect their cultural identity with sustainable social and economic development. How It Started Roots & Wings Int’l began its work in 2004 when its…

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Roots and Wings International brings education home

Roots and Wings InternationalBy Cathleen O’Grady

As vital as it is to provide promising young students in developing countries with educational opportunities, it can sometimes have an unwelcome and unintended effect: brain drain. Young, bright students with good qualifications may see foreign countries as holding better opportunities for themselves and their families, and – understandably – put their education to use building a life for themselves elsewhere.

Brain drain is a serious problem in Latin America, and has many negative consequences. It limits the number of skilled professionals available in the home country, who could be invaluable in helping to build the economy, provide training, and develop a solid skills base. However, it can also be detrimental to migrant workers, who often end up in jobs not commensurate with their education levels. Combatting brain drain is largely a matter of creating attractive opportunities for skilled workers, which may encourage them to remain in their home country.

Roots and Wings International scholarship studentsRoots and Wings International, FBB’s Q4 Education beneficiary, recognizes the problem of brain drain and is committed to finding ways to encourage its scholarship recipients to remain in Guatemala. By employing only Guatemalan people on the board of the organization’s Guatemalan counterpart, RWI is creating jobs and providing job experience and training, while simultaneously ensuring that its policies and practices are in line with what is most needed in the country.

Recipients of educational funding from RWI are encouraged in many ways to reinvest their skills to build a stronger and more stable Guatemalan economy. Scholarship winners study at universities near their home villages so that they can remain vested in their home communities, and all winners make a commitment to use their education to promote community development. Students are also encouraged to maintain some type of employment throughout their studies, contributing to the local economy while gaining the skills to help it grow even further.

RWI recognizes that the essential work of promoting education in a developing country also requires careful thought about how to ensure that this work benefits the country in the long term, and is committed to emphasizing the importance of community investment. It is constantly working toward new programs that will combat brain drain in Guatemala, and that will help investment in education to sow local benefits.

For more information about Roots and Wings International, take a look at their website, or keep up with them on Facebook, YouTube, or their blog.

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